For generations, the Indian Ocean has served as a major sea route connecting the spices of Africa, fragrances of East Asia, and the wealth of the Middle East with Europe and the Americas.

Today, the archipelagos of the Indian Ocean are renowned as some of the most spectacular yacht charter areas on the planet. Seychelles and Mauritius remain poised in magnificent isolation in the warm, azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Both the Seychelles and Mauritius are swept by the regular southeast trade winds. Pleasant and stable climatic conditions prevail year round, making the Indian Ocean archipelagos a sailboat charterer's dream.


The vast stretch of water making up the Indian Ocean is teeming with stunning coral and wild marine life. Here, gentle waves lap at the shores around which much of early civilization grew, leading to secluded areas of paradise.

The Itinerary

The Seychelles archipelago is known as the "Jewel of the Indian Ocean." Its idyllic white-sand beaches, calm waters, sparkling lagoons, and brilliant coral reefs are some of things that make the Seychelles special; however, it's the incredible and ancient wildlife reserves of rare and endangered species that make the Seychelles one of the most unique yacht charter destinations in the world. The Seychelles have even been cited as the original Garden of Eden. This extraordinary collection of some 100 islands and islets is home to perfect beaches and several nature reserves but is just one fraction of the size of the Maldives, the largest water-based country in the world.

Mauritius is equally as splendid as a yacht charter destination. There is no place on earth like it: It is the essence of fairytales and the vision of postcard perfection, where the world below the ocean is just as stunning as the one above. Enchantingly private and indulgently five-star, this unforgettable island is a relaxing dream. Almost entirely encircled by unbroken coral reefs, Mauritius is surrounded by natural, safe, crystal-clear lagoons, ideal for anchoring. Towering basalt pitons rise from a vast central plateau, surrounded by subtropical forests, rivers, steams and waterfalls.

On another trip—or for a longer journey—venture north to the Maldives. Known as the pearls of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are the epitome of resplendent tropical islands. These ancient coral islands are rich in natural treasure: Tranquil azure seas kiss the sugary beaches that stretch for miles, rich in tantalizing seclusion. The bountiful sea surrounding this chain of thousands of isles is teeming with diverse marine life and healthy coral atolls, which are home to the rays, turtles, lobsters, and mammoth school of fish native to the area. Around 200 islands in the Maldives archipelago are inhabited, which leaves a wealth of immaculate cays and islets to delve into deeply. With thriving reefs fecund with life, every kind of diver, whether novice or advanced, will adore the stunning underwater display.