Teeming with various languages and cultures, the Mediterranean is believed by many historians to be the birthplace of civilization.

History abounds in the region, and you can spend months yachting from Gibraltar and the French Rivera to Cyprus. You'll find world-class resorts, gorgeous beaches, architectural wonders, and unspoiled natural beauty across the sea, the central superhighway of transport, trade, and cultural exchange between diverse peoples.

The Mediterranean is considered the most luxurious and famous sailing ground in the world—and for good reason! Follow the adventures of Ulysses or the ancient commercial Phoenician navigators and immerse yourself in lore. Luxuriate in the wealth of cuisine and wine, which you can enjoy in year-round temperate conditions. In just a few days, or roughly 700 nautical miles, you can pass through six countries, more than 1,000 islands, and 3,000 years of history. When you feel like a dip, remember that this closed sea hosts no sharks or poisonous fish in its tropical waters, so jump in!

Mediterranean Yacht Charter Destinations


// Italy

// Greece

// France

// The Balearic Islands

The Itinerary

If you move west to east, Mallorca is a wonderful starting point. The famous island offers great natural beauty, quiet anchorages, excellent Spanish and Mediterranean restaurants, extensive historical points of interest, and plenty of great bays and ports to discover. You can enjoy the bustle of Palma, cruise to the quieter, upscale ports around the island, and also use it as a base to explore the other Balearic islands of Ibiza and Menorca.

Savor the glamour of Monte Carlo, Porto Cervo, and St. Tropez with some time on the French Riviera. The season kicks off with the celebrity of the Cannes Film Festival and the adrenaline of the Monaco Grand Prix, and until September, the whole region is lively with glamorous parties, night and day. The French Alps will be your backdrop as you wine and dine among the world's movers and shakers.

As your yacht makes its way to Italy, take some time to visit Corsica, France's best-kept secret. Then continue on to Sardinia, one of the top Mediterranean destinations for the glamour set. If offers the ports, beaches, hotels, and hot spots that you would expect, but you can also find an unspoiled, ancient Sardinia, home to shepherds, timeless villages, and medieval churches.

Continue to practice your Italian with some time in Sicily, which has been drawing visitors to its beauty and charm for thousands of years. The toe of the Italian boot offers a relaxed Mediterranean pace, superb cuisine, timeless ports, and amazing ruins, with the glorious backdrop of the famous Etna volcano.

The Aegean Sea is home to more than 6,000 Greek islands and islets, of which only 78 have more than 100 inhabitants. You can spend a month or more just exploring all of the riches of these islands, from scuba and snorkeling to land adventures seeing ruins from centuries past. One of the top yachting destinations in the world, Greece offers secluded ports, bustling cities, and renowned cuisine.