America the Beautiful

We love this article from the "Great Loop Guide" in Yachting Magazine, titled, "America the Beautiful." Check it out and see how one family used their yacht to travel around the US. 

"As a young man I dreamed about sailing around the world. I had visions of being at the helm of a William Garden-designed ketch with a bone in her teeth on her way to a South Pacific island. Even as my life cycle progressed from carefree college days to raising a family and building a business, the dream never faded.  But at some point reality hits all of us. If I couldn’t live my dream, I would modify it. Instead of circumnavigating the globe, I circumnavigated the eastern half of North America. I was no longer young and carefree; I was a middle-aged guy with a good job, a wife who loved boating and an 11-year-old son who loved the outdoors. So after years of planning, we embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, a one-year boat trip known as The Great Loop.    We first became aware of the loop through the early 1990s television series On the Waterways. This show introduced us to life along America’s great rivers and lakes, and we became intrigued by the idea of exploring our country from the comfort of our boat.    Our plan was to take a one-year sabbatical from work and follow a schedule that provided an endless summer of cruising. Leaving Annapolis, Maryland, in early July, we would head up the East Coast to the Hudson River, the Champlain Canal and Lake Champlain, continuing inland until reaching Montreal. From there, we would explore the Canadian waterways and arrive in Lake Michigan by mid-September. Taking six weeks to head down the rivers from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico, we then hoped to cruise the Bahamas in late winter before heading up the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and returning to our home on the Chesapeake Bay." - George Sass SR. 

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