Tips for Yachting in Foreign Waters.

Yachts provide an incredible way to see the world. Many of our buyers travel to exotic places, so we wanted to provide a quick list of tips for yachting in foreign waters.

1. Run a practice trip in real sea conditions. Include extra crew, gear (especially different sized life jackets), bait, ice, fuel, and anything else you might bring on top of what you would bring in a normal load. 
2. Wear inflatable life jackets while under way, and bring a waterproof bag to store things like extra flares, a VHF radio, a cell phone, foul-weather gear, a waterproof flashlight, crackers, and a signal mirror. Have your yacht serviced before the trip, and make sure you get extra parts, as they are easier to find in America. 
3. Create a trip plan and give it to family and friends. Let them know where you are along the way, and when you have made it to your destination. 
4. Always plan for the unexpected, and factor in a couple of extra days in case of bad weather. 
5. Make sure you have any documentation you might need - including licenses, passports, and permits. 

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The U.S. Coast Guard reminds all boaters to "Boat Responsibly!" For more tips on boating safety, visit